Thoughts, 1.5 weeks later

Not time now to write up the whole birth. That will have to come later. But it does need to be written. I find myself bursting into tears at odd places when I tell the story — lots of stuff to process there…

But I made this blog, and can now write out things as they happen for folks to read — and spare the lists that I’ve been posting to. :)

Charlotte is gaining weight quickly — good strong healthy baby. Breastfeeding has been very variable — one day she hardly fed but for 5 minutes each time, 4 hours apart, and then would fall into a deep sleep that she would not be roused from. The next day she fed for 15 minutes each hour for most of the day. She’s gaining fast, so I’m simply letting her set the pace. She does a lot of comfort-nursing, however, but then, if she needs comfort, why not? What is it hurting? It’s the way she wants to be comforted, so why should I try to find a different way to comfort her?

She’s been getting more fussy, though, and a lot of times seems unconsolable. She also gets frustrated easily. I just do the best I can to comfort her. I’m a bit sad, however, that she is more easily comforted by Scott or my mom than by me — I just have the breast, and that’s sometimes all she wants from me… Kind of annoying. :( I can sing cute songs too! :)

Anyway, it’s another lazy day here. Scott’s at work, and Charlotte sleeps and mom and I read. Maybe I’ll take a nap and cuddle with her — that’s sure a nice feeling!


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